Why use Birdsong?

You may be asking yourself: “There’s plenty of mod bots out there; why should I use Birdsong?”

✔️ You want ease of use

You’ve tried other modbots; they’re too complicated, hard to set up, and their logs are incoherent!

With Birdsong’s five-step guided setup, you’ll be up and running in no time. We’ve got logs meant to be read by humans and a simple infraction point system that requires less effort from your mods. This bot was designed to simplify the moderation workflow, even on mobile.

You want speed

Other mod bots require you to switch back and forth between channels, check complicated logs, figure out the time and type of punishment… did I lose you yet?

With Birdsong, you stay in one channel and give out infraction points. There’s no forethought involved and you don’t have to sit around waiting for a mute or ban; we’ll take action in less than a second. This makes us the reliable choice for your server.

🔨 You want control

Your users cry “mod abuse” when your mods give out punishments themselves. Users ignore your warnings and mutes, and they just won’t stop making trouble.

Birdsong’s infraction point system is the recommended form of rule enforcement by the Discord Moderator Academy:

Points based - If you’d like the accountability of the strikes/infraction based system coupled with the flexibility of the case by case system, consider a points based rule enforcement structure. In this system, each rule is worth a certain number of points based on the importance and severity of breaking the rule where moderators can adjust the point value with an additional explanation for accountability.

Accountability is key! When punishments are tied to infraction points, actions look better on your mod team overall, and accumulating punishments are an effective sign to follow the rules.

Get started in just five steps.